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Aww, marry him or marry me--

I'm the one that loves you baby can't you see?

Rock My World Graphics
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Hello and welcome to 'Rock My World Graphics'. This is a community made for all the bands you can think of. From McFLY to Avenged Sevenfold, Backstreet Boys to AFI. Whatever you like/want to post. BUT, keep to the rock/instruments theme we have going here.
Sorry, but that means no rap.
Anyways, this is open members so just join. For now, it's not friends only, but we'll see how popular we get, hmm?
If you couldn't tell, this month's theme is Son of Dork. I will try and change every month, but if not, I'm sorry, school's got me busy.

Promotional Banners

01. Respect all members and remember, I, and the other chosen mods, have every right to kick you out of the community.
02. Posts larger than three icons or a paragraph, please put under an 'lj cut'. They're nifty and you should use them. If you don't know how, ask one of the mods and they will gladly help you.
03. This confused me with every other community, so I'm gonna say it flat out. Anyone can post. You don't need special permission or anything of the sort.
Note;; This, of coure, is to some extent. For example, no posting hate to any band, or no profanity or anyhting that would insult any other members.
04. ALWAYS, always promote. We need as many members as possible.
05. Of course, have fun and enjoy being a member of this community.

siri_in_da_hood;; Julie
gun_x_kisses;; Leanne

doughathair ;; mcflyicons ;; lacedupx ;; thetiptonhotel ;; fragiliti ;; panicxgraphics ;; omgvixen ;; mcflyitest ;; ch_icontest
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