January 8th, 2008

BAND| was: the only way i'll really smil

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those of you that are a friend on my personal journal have already seen this,
but for those of you that are not, i've got a band that is worth checking out.
anyone's who's a friend of mine not via the internet knows that they are my sad obsession,
and i really do think everyone should join and post this everywhere so that ftsk gets the attention they so deserve.
i know i haven't posted here in awhile, and i'm pretty sure it's dead, but here's a message from the mod. xD

like i said in my personal journal post, forever the sickest kids makes music that reflect their personalities and their personal life. not ever song is about sex and money and girls. they're super funny and so nice. their hearts are in the right place with their fans and they're definitely worth at least checking out. :]
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